Price List

The following price list is intended to be a general guide. Although our prices are not based on gender, they vary depending on the complexity of the service, the time required, and the products used. If you would like a precise cost for your service, please ask your stylist, or if you are a new customer then get in touch with us to discuss your needs!

Haircut: $45+
Partial Foils: $110+
Full Foils: $150+
One Step: $85+
Perm (Jenness only): $175 to $300
Texture Service: by consultation
Deva Cuts for Curly, Wavy and Coily Hair
  - Initial Deva Cut: $90
  - Initial Deva Cut with Take Home Kit: $105
  - Subsequent Deva Cut: $75+
  - Curl Rejuvenation Treatment: $75+

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